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Click below to make a $400 deposit on the puppy of your choice...

4% PayPal fee has been added. Total of $416.00

Non Refundable Puppy Deposit

Want to pay for your puppy in FULL?

Please calculate the total amount by adding 4% to the purchase price and pay the total amount below...

Pay in Full

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Click the Button below to pay the $40 non refundable microchip fee

4% paypal fees have been added. Total of $41.60

Microchip Fee

Before making a Deposit or Payment on any of Our Puppies,

You Must View & Accept the terms of our Health Guarantee, Spay/Neuter Contract

& Fill out our Puppy Application...

Once you have selected your puppy click on the buttons to the right to either Place a deposit, Pay in Full, or add a microchip for your puppy.

These buttons will be through Paypal.

All Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE!

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